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Phone Surveys
Interactive Voice Response Surveys

phone surveys Database has been providing phone survey technology for 2 decades and is a leader in automated phone survey programming. DSC provides simple to complex phone survey applications using internally developed Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software. Inbound telephone surveys can be processed using this application. Outbound phone surveys can likewise be initiated by sending phone survey calls to respondents.

DSC's outbound IVR phone systems contact survey prospects and play an introductory message. The potential phone survey respondent is given several options to select from using an IVR prompting system. One of the options is to take this survey. Others may include the option to leave a voice message or talk with one of your representatives. Finally the respondent is given an option to simply decline to participate in the phone survey.

The phone survey can be programmed to accept phone keypad responses or can simply record each question response for later transcription and analysis.

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