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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology

IVR software solutions Interactive voice response (IVR) solutions include automated phone answering systems, call processing software, and IVR hosting services. These solutions are provided by Database Systems Corp. (DSC). DSC is a leading provider or call processing solutions and can design, develop and implement simple to complex call programs for your organization.

DSC IVR phone systems incorporate the latest technologies from Intel and Microsoft Corporation. The telecommunications boards are Dialogic IVR control boards and handle the call processing elements of these phone systems.

DSC is an IVR vendor that provides hosted IVR services at our automated call center located in Phoenix, Arizona. DSC provides IVR services for customers located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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IVR Call Processing Technology

DSC provides IVR solutions to many business and community organizations. Here are the different types of IVR solutions available today.

    IVR Systems

    ivr phone systems To deliver phone applications and services, DSC has developed two series of phone systems, the WIZARD analog and the PACER digital phone systems. These IVR systems (IVRS) are provided to our clients who wish to purchase their own system. They are also used exclusively at our own call centers for processing inbound call applications.

    Our WIZARD IVR solution supports 4 to 48 analog phone lines. The PACER system supports 24 to 480 digital phone lines. These systems can be networked to provide a far greater number of digital lines.

    IVR Software

    ivr software touchphone DSC provides a comprehensive IVR software library of routines that can be called using most modern computer languages.

    Our IVR software uses voice recorded prompts and menus to present information to callers. Touch-tone telephone keypad entries are gathered from the caller to collect information and to provide navigation through simple to complex IVR menu structures. Our IVR software provides information back to the caller in the form recorded messages or data converted using text to speech. The IVR can also route the caller to an agent or transfer the call to an outside phone number or extension.

    IVR Development Services

    ivr software development services Our experienced staff of IVR developers can analyse your phone application and develop a calling campaign that meets your objectives. Your unique calling answering campaign does not have to conform to a static IVR solution. An IVR designed by our professional programming staff will process inbound phone calls according to your business rules.

    From external database access to web integration including XML messaging, DSC can develop your information phone applications

    DSC can analyse your phone needs and design it to meet your requirements. Our IVR application will answer your calls according to the rules dictated by your business.

    IVR Project Phases

    Database Systems Corp. developers adhere to the systems approach when creating IVR applications for our clients. The following are the basic development steps performed by our experienced management and development team:

    IVR Hosting

    ivr software outsourcing Database Systems Corp. maintains a secure data center where we provide IVR solutions for our clients. Using our own IVR phone systems and software, DSC is ideally positioned to provide a comprehensive and affordable IVR solution to virtually any size organization.

    Our hosted IVR service processes incoming 800 number phone calls by providing callers with a menu of selection items from which to choose. Caller requests can be handled automatically by our phone service or the calls can be routed to your own representatives.

    IVR Applications

    ivr software applications DSC provides phone services including IVR outsourcing and voice broadcasting service at our own managed call centers.

    These centers provide secure and redundant enviroments for the maximum protection of our outsourcing clients. From small calling campaigns to projects that require text messaging and voice broadcasting, our call outsourcing center can do the job!

    For a listing of some of our applications and clients, please visit our phone applications web page. DSC markets a telephone reassurance program called CARE (Call Reassurance) that utilizes our IVR technology.

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Interactive Voice Response Solutions

Database Systems Corp. provides comprehensive IVR solutions including automatic phone answering systems and services. These Small Business IVR systems are ideally suited for businesses and departments of large organizations that are looking for a cost effective tool for answering phone calls automatically. Included with these products is a full featured IVR software development toolkit. An IVR provides callers with the ability to automatically obtain information or perform transactions using a phone system. DSC provides outsourced IVR services at its secure and redundant call center located in Phoenix, AZ.

DSC IVR hosting services include complete development and testing of IVR applications as well as hosting the applications on DSC's phone systems. DSC specializes in creating IVR software, interactive voice response systems and custom IVR development services.

IVR Operating Environment

DSC IVR programs and services operate in several different environments. The following describe some of these environments:

  • Linux IVR - IVR programs run on linux processors that are networked with the DSC IVR phone systems.
  • Windows IVR - DSC IVR phone system is housed on an intel processor running Windows OS. Applications can likewise run on networked Windows systems.
  • Dialogic IVR - DSC IVR systems employ Dialogic telephony boards and utilize Dialogic software.

IVR Solutions From Database Systems Corp.

Custom IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications are available from Database Systems Corp. (DSC). DSC provides both custom IVR phone systems for its clients as well as custom IVR applications for its outsourcing service accounts. These IVR programs are developed using our experienced and profession staff using best practice standards and are operational in a wide variety of industries and across commercial and community programs.

Advanced Custom IVR Solutions

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides the following custom IVR solutions for its systems and outsourcing clients:

Interactive Voice Response

Additional DSC Websites That Relate To IVR

The following are IVR websites and web pages that relate to Database Systems Corp. IVR products and services. DSC provides IVR solutions for many different industries and companies as well as government organizations. The following additional information is available on different websites and web pages.

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