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Interactive Voice Response Systems

ivrs Database Systems Corp. (DSC) supplies IVR (Interactive Voice Response Systems) solutions as well as call processing outsourced programs for a number of application clients throughou the U.S. and Canada. DSC provides computer telephony products and services for a wide variety of industries and government organizations.

DSC provides interactive voice response systems (IVRS) that process incoming phone calls and handle call transactions. This could include accessing database information and providing information to the caller. IVRS can also route calls using intelligent rules based routing to phone agents and representatives.

DSC interactive voice response systems process calls in a quick and efficient manner. IVR scripts can be developed that can process virtually any type of call applications.

IVR systems can likewise be used with outbound calling campaigns. As the calls are made and the recipient answers the call, an IVR script can be played which gives the individual the option to make phone keypad selections. This technique is refered to as Outbound IVR and the system that makes these calls is refered to as an Outbound IVRS.

The DSC PACER interactive voice response system supports multiple digital T1s connected to these phone systems. The capacity of these systems ranges from 24 to nearly a 1000 phone lines per system. These systems can be networked to provide call capacity for virtually any sized call center or phone answering center.

IVRS applications can be created on different servers that control the flow of information and the transfer of inbound calls.

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    Additional IVRS Information

    Providing IVR service for customers and prospects is very popular today with modern businesses and service organizations. These toll free numbers let clients and prospective customers call you from anywhere in the country at no charge. Our IVR solution routes incoming calls using caller selected phone keypad options. This is but one feature of our powerful call processors.

    Interactive Voice Response systems (IVRS) accept incoming phone calls and play recorded greetings to callers. DSC IVR systems can provide callers with information extracted from local and remote databases and from the internet. Calls can be routed to either phone agents working locally or from a remote location including a home. Incoming phone calls can likewise be transfered to outside phone extensions. DSC has developed this award winning product to enhance our phone system's current robust features of predictive dialing, ACD (automatic call distribution), voice broadcasting, and digital call recording.

    Custom IVRS Information

    The following Database Systems Corp. webpages are maintained on the Custom IVR site that describes different products, services and features contained with DSC's Custom IVRS products.

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