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IVR Solutions
Interactive Voice Response Solutions

interactive voice response solutions Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides interactive voice response (IVR) solutions that allow callers to automatically obtain information or perform transactions using a phone system.

Callers are presented with recorded voice prompts and menus and our IVR system accepts input from these callers using phone keypad input.

Interactive voice response systems and toll free answering systems (generally 800 numbers and their equivalent) are very popular for service and sales organizations, allowing customers and prospects to call your organization anywhere in the country. DSC IVR solutions add another dimension to our call center phone system solutions.

IVR solutions from DSC are comprised of the following:

  • IVR Software Toolkit - development tools used to create IVR applications
  • IVR Software Routines - Application library routines for IVR programming
  • IVR Systems - Phone systems that process inbound IVR applications
  • IVR Hosting - IVR outsourcing using our secure call center
  • IVR Applications - DSC provides a complete line of IVR phone applications
  • IVR Reports - IVR reports are a standard feature of our systems and services
  • IVR System Simulation - IVR modeling estimates resources required for IVR campaign
  • IVR Services - Complete IVR services and application development services

Our interactive voice response solution is an automatic toll free phone answering system. It collects useful information from a caller before the call is transferred to an agent. The IVR system could fulfill the callerís request without a transfer. IVR solution give your organization a 24 by 7 capability, providing around-the-clock information to your callers.

IVR Solution Information

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