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800 Answering Service
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800 Answering Services

800 Phone Service Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of answering service technology products and services. Computer call answering services are provided at DSC call center. This service processes inbound 800 number calls using IVR technology and Intel / Windows processors. 800 phone numbers (and their equivalents) are used extensively by businesses and government organizations that provide customer service and phone sales.

DSC is one of the leaders in providing automated call answering services using interactive voice response (IVR) technology. DSC can provide your organization with custom IVR development for both phone systems and automatic 800 answering services at its Phoenix call center.

DSC provides 800 phone answering services that automatically process inbound 800 number phone calls. Calls are processed using IVR software and phone systems located and managed at the DSC call center.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides Windows based 800 number answering services and phone systems. DSC is a leading provider of phone answering software and call processing systems. DSC also can provide your organization with your own 800 phone number along with these answering services.

DSC provides automatic 800 phone number answering using our award winning interactive voice response (IVR) software and computer phone systems that answer calls without an operator. Inbound 800 phone calls are answered using our computer phone service and these calls may be processed entirely by our phone system or can be routed to your service representatives.

DSC provides interactive voice response (IVR) systems using its own internally developed IVR software and telecom equipment from Intel and a modern Windows PC.

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